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Let’s make a better world, a greener world where style meets function. 

SOLTEQ is the only roof you will ever need, replacing your old roof system with our solar-powered roof tiles. Our solar powered roof tiles products last longer, are durable up to 200 mph winds and will fit the aesthetic of any style. Offered in many color options.

No more electricity bills. No more CO2 emissions. Complete energy supply from one beautiful roof.

9 Series

13 Series

Q Series

  • All tiles are available in all colors.
  • All tiles have optional glass passive tiles.
  • Standard passive tiles for cutting are aluminum.
  • 13-series and Q-series have optional composite passive tiles.
  • 13-series are also compatible with most flat concrete tiles as a passive option.
  • Black and terra cotta pair with Verea slate and terra cotta.
  • Q-series are compatible to install in a roof section of shingles, metal, or wood roofs. A separation flashing is used between.
Interlocking Tiles

The Look of a Traditional Roof, The Power of Solar.

When considering a solar roof tile, SOLTEQ’s Interlocking Tiles should be at the top of your list. Our monocrystalline tiles have all the aesthetics of a sleek, modern roof with easy installation. The best alternative for a traditional concrete tiled roof.